“From the outset the team at Eurobuild have been professional and methodical in their approach to our scheme. The enthusiasm for what they are doing is not only reflected in the high quality of their designs but also the attention to detail given to every aspect of their input. The assistance they have provided has been invaluable in driving forward the project as a whole and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to our Clients.”
Edward Gittens, Edward Gittens Associates Planning & Development Consultants

“…those I have personally spoken to, the majority will spontaneously say “what a great building or what a great place to work”. This is remarkable given its location on a farm!”
Sue Brimlow, Hadlow College Sustainability Co-ordinator

“This was a very brave project for Hadlow College Group. Putting our faith in a young team really worked for us. There was clear enthusiasm and passion to see this project succeed.
Eurobuild delivered a fantastic, innovative sustainable design that has won numerous awards – exactly what we asked for and more – and investing in the early stage design development really paid dividends during the construction phase.”
Mark Lumsden-Taylor, Hadlow College Finance Director

“One of the things that I like best, and some people find hard to get used to at first, is the consistency of the temperature. We’re so accustomed to draughty, poorly insulated buildings that have air currents creating hot or cold spots that we tend to wear layers of clothes.”
Sue Brimlow, Hadlow College Sustainability Co-ordinator

“The seminar room is used regularly by visitors, all of whom comment very favourably on all aspects of the building. I can vouch for it being comfortable throughout the year – whatever the weather.”
Pat Crawford, Hadlow College Press Officer

“James and his team recognised the need to spend time with our scientists at the research station to develop a truly modern laboratory design that will meet their evolving needs and makes a statement about the way they work, in the process challenging some fundamental assumptions and incorporating best practice from Europe and beyond.”
Professor John Mumford, Trustee, East Malling Research

“We have found Eurobuild to be a highly professional company that have successfully met the challenge of reducing costs and emissions on our substantial site. They have given us a series of achievable and practical solutions, whilst at the same time, proposed a sustainable vision with more ambitious concepts involving property rationalization and district heating consolidation. As architects and consultants they have a dynamic approach and a balanced view of energy reduction and generation.”
Adrian Padfield, Chief Executive, East Malling Trust

“It’s very important for us to have competent partners and so we found in the UK our partner, Eurobuild, they are very good in PassivHaus buildings and designing, so that’s very important for us”
Christof Muller, Managing Director, Weissenseer Holz System Bau

“James grabbed my project by the horns and wrestled it into shape at a difficult stage in the programme. His sensitivity around material detailing, the ability to manage complex building problems on site and all the while keeping a beady eye on costs made him an invaluable team leader.”
Brad Lochore, Artist