Eurobuild are the UK partners for Weissenseer Holz System Bau GmbH who make structural timber panels specifically designed for PassivHaus building. The panels are:

  • highly insulated, achieving U-values of <0.1;
  • very airtight, with an ingenious timber jointing system;
  • quick & safe to assemble, typically 1-2 days for an average size house;
  • currently being certified by the OIB for a European Technical Approval;
  • fireproof on delivery to site.

We are not tied to this system but, through our research, believe it to have the best performance with very low embodied energy, using relatively small timber sections, recycled timber chips and recycled paper (cellulose) for insulation.

The factory was rigorously planned with the machinery manufacturer and has resulted in one of the most compact factory layouts in Europe. Built in 2008, the factory was built to PassivHaus standards and is heated by the machinery alone i.e. with no traditional heating system the staff can work in T-shirts even when it is -25oC outside.

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